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Cielo Rosa Creative Studio

snack pack

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Die-cut stickers featuring the Animal Crossing character Pascal, and quotes he gives to residents as a reward for giving him a scallop. Available as individual stickers or as a pack that includes one of each quote mentioned below.

★ size: 3” H
★ material: glossy vinyl sticker paper
★ water-resistant

★ #1: All things in moderation, including moderation. That’s my recipe for chocolate-chip cookies, maaan.
★ #2: You don’t have to think what others tell you to think. But if they tell you to think about popcorn, consider it.
★ #3: Folks say you can’t have too much of a good thing, but after three gallons of ice cream, it stops feeling true.
★ #4: Octopuses have eight arms. You know what that means? Eight. Ice Cream. Cones.
★ #5: You gotta be careful what you wish for in life. Unless you wish for ice cream. That’s pretty safe.
★ #6: It’s hard to stay mad if you’re eatin’ cotton candy. Mostly because you’ll be focused on how sticky you are.
★ #7: Peanut butter knows EXACTLY what it’s doing...and it should be ashamed of itself, maaan.
★ #8: Ever tried to put a donut hole back into a donut? Maaan, one size does NOT fit all.