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Cielo Rosa Creative Studio

time pack

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Die-cut stickers featuring the Animal Crossing character Pascal, and quotes he gives to residents as a reward for giving him a scallop. Available as individual stickers or as a bundle that includes one of each quote mentioned below.

★ size: 3” H
★ material: glossy vinyl sticker paper
★ weatherproof
★ water-resistant

★ #1: The present is the past, maaan. By the time I finish saying this sentence, it’ll already be history.
★ #2: Time is a sweetheart, always gifting you with the present. When do we give it something back, maaan?
★ #3: Time is nuts. Sometimes a day feels like an hour. Then you skip forward a whole day. Chaos.
★ #4: Maaan, if you waste your time doing something you enjoy, then you don’t waste your time.
★ #5: If time is relative, then a calendar has gotta be, like, a family tree.