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Cielo Rosa Creative Studio

pizza pack

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Die-cut stickers featuring the Animal Crossing character Pascal, and quotes he gives to residents as a reward for giving him a scallop. Available as individual stickers or as a bundle that includes one of each quote mentioned below.

★ size: 3” H
★ material: glossy vinyl sticker paper
★ weatherproof
★ water-resistant

★ #1: If you gotta say something that's hard, be sure it comes from a place of love...or, at least, a place of pizza.
★ #2: Lots of folks wish for world peace. Not me. I wish for world pizza. Hard to fight when you're eating pizza.
★ #3: Nobody ever asks the pineapple if it WANTS to be on the pizza, maaan.
★ #4: Some languages have tons of words for snow, or for sunshine. But which one has the most words for pizza?
★ #5: Sometimes a delivery guy in a pizza hat is so much better than a knight in shining armor, maaan.