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Cielo Rosa Creative Studio

cloud pack

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Die-cut stickers featuring the Animal Crossing character Pascal, and quotes he gives to residents as a reward for giving him a scallop. Available as individual stickers or as a bundle that includes one of each quote mentioned below.

★ size: 3” H
★ material: waterproof vinyl (hand-wash only) - choose from matte or glossy

★ #1: How cool would it be to squeeze a cloud, maaan? You could, like, make a rainstorm as big as your fist.
★ #2: People are always looking at clouds and seeing whatever they want. Just let a cloud be a cloud, maaan.
★ #3: Folks are always seein’ in clouds what they wanna see, but someday they’re gonna miss seein’ the storm.
★ #4: What’s with the first eight clouds? Are they sorta good, but nothing to write home about, or what?
★ #5: You ever look up at the clouds in the sky and imagine shapes? They’re doin’ the same thing to you, maaan.